Kinect Manual Scans Show A Few Tidbits

There’s a little bluster going on regarding this scanned manual for the Kinect, mainly over the fact that you need to be six feet from the sensor, or eight feet if there are two players. While that may indeed disqualify some setups from using it, it’s not like the Move and Wii don’t have their own idiosyncrasies.

Six feet was about as far as I have to stand from the Move to play Sports Champions, though admittedly EyePet has a much shorter range. The Wii, too, has an optimum distance around there.

Other tips include not putting the Kinect on your console, changing clothes if it can’t see you (why are you wearing the same color as your wallpaper?), and some other random technical stuff. It’s about what you expect. For a motion-based gaming system, you need space, people! I wish they had a wider angle and faster lens too, but hey, they’ve got to save something for the Kinect 2, right?

[via 1up]