Motorola open to Windows Phone 7… if it's compelling enough

Motorola’s co-CEO, Sanjay Jha, has told the Wall Street Journal today that they would be open to developing a Windows Phone 7 handset if they find the OS compelling enough.

This comes just days after Microsoft filed suits against Motorola alleging nine patent infringements within their Android phones.

The move from Microsoft is likely an attempt to try and stem the growth of one of its biggest competitors: Android.

Microsoft are yet to launch a direct attack on Google, however, or any of their WinPho7 launch partners that also produce Android handsets.

Back in 2008, Motorola intended to use both Windows Mobile and Android to try and save its mobile phone division, however, says Sanjay, Microsoft failed to deliver an OS in 2009, so they moved exclusively to Android — a move that saved their business.

The Co-CEO also said that while Motorola engineers haven’t seen WinPho7, he has heard that it is “a rational offering”.

[via Mobile Burn]