Toshiba Planning Tablets For US Release In Early 2011

In case you were wondering just where Toshiba’s entry into the tablet wars was, here’s a non-answer for you: coming some time in early 2011. Toshiba engineer Hideo Kasuya has said in interview that the company is planning a worldwide tablet launch in early 2011, though the Wall Street Journal noted that the Tegra 2 and Android-based Folio 100 may not actually be one of them.

That’s a bit of a puzzling development, considering the Folio 100 has been the focus of their tablet PR so far. Do they have more up their sleeve? Are they simply re-engineering it for a US release? Kasuya was not obliging on these points.

The device will, however, be available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa towards the end of the year. Can that be right?

[via i4u]