Verizon announces the Droid Pro — and it's not what anyone expected

Score one for Verizon! In a world full of constant, spot-on leaks (not that we’re complaining), they’ve managed to not only launch a device without leaksters getting it first, but also make (intentionally or not) everyone think the model in question was something entirely different.

Meet the Droid Pro. First, what it isn’t: a World Edition of the Droid 2, as a ton of sites originally reported. As for what it is..

It’s a candybar QWERTY phone! No sliding, no hinges — just a good ol’ candybar handset in the same vein as the Palm Pixi or any countless number of BlackBerry handsets. The original rumor got one thing right: it is a global phone. Alas, pricing, availability, and a bunch of other details are still under wraps — but in the mean time, feast your eyes on the shot below.

[Via Phonescoop]