Video: An Exclusive Look At The Sobi System in Action

SoBi Hardware – Software Integration from Ryan Rzepecki on Vimeo.

The next chapter of the Sobi saga is here. Ryan at Sobi shot some video of the Sobi lock working on a real bike. It’s a bit long, but what you’re watching is an example of the Sobi system in the wild. They are using a cellphone to unlock the bike and then they lock it back up again at a different place, allowing the next Sobi member to pick the bike up and ride around on it.

As you recall, the SoBi system allows for bike sharing without additional infrastructure. The system uses a lock fastened to the bike’s wheel with a GPS system and transmitter built-in. When the bike is locked, it appears on the SoBi app and when you check it out you’re responsible for it. You do not need special kiosks or other accoutrements to create a bike-sharing network anywhere in the world.