Full version of Angry Birds coming to Android next week

Uh oh. Teachers, bosses, and significant others everywhere: expect a bit of truancy, curious sick days, and neglect next week. After spending a few weeks in “Lite” Beta form, the full version of Angry Birds — a highly addictive game more commonly known by its street name, “Feathers” (Read: Not really. We could start that, though. It could be a thing, right?) — is hitting Android next week.

Though it’ll come as good news to most, this Angry Birds news might result in some Angry Humans. Why? Because anyone really waiting on the edge of their seat expected the release some time this week. The delay,announced by Rovio today, is the result of a last minute decision to add “proper support for multitasking.”

Waiting sucks — but losing your game progress because of a stray button press is worse, right?