Facebook Does What Carol Bartz Can't: Brings Yahoo Together

Hiring? Then you should definitely scroll through this impressive recently inaugurated group of Yahoo alumni, currently up to 183 members despite it being less then three hours old. At the rate group membership is exploding, we’re thinking this could easily surpass the 500 mark in the next 48 hours.

No word on whether “Yahoo Alumni!” is the fastest scaling Facebook Group since Facebook launched the feature, but it is probably the most bittersweet, as there is nothing on Yahoo that would currently support this use case and, from what we’re hearing, Yahoo is pretty interested in building a Groups-eqsue product itself.

While the group is private, ambitious recruiters can cross reference the “Members” list with our posts from when it was easier to track such things, “Tracking Former Yahoo Execs – Where Are They Now?” as well as the old Yahoo Alumni Facebook page, which boasts a  whopping 3,168 members (Yahoo has around 14,100 current employees).

We’re also working on getting on the inside, and will update this post with resumes if we get a hold of any.

Update: We’re In! And they like us, they really really like us.