BerkeleyBionics Gives Paralyzed Woman Her Legs Back

eLEGS is a unique exoskeleton for general consumers designed to allow wheelchair-bound folks to walk. The product, based on some early work at the Berkeley Robotics and Human Engineering lab. In this video, a nearly paralyzed young woman walks again after 18 years.

The company, BerkeleyBionics, is holding a press conference today at 10:30am PST to reveal some new products. However, I think the video says it all, however. To quote Paul Simon, this is the age of miracles and wonder. It’s quite hard to be cynical about this technology when it can do so much for so many.

We’ll keep our eye on the site today and see what’s coming next from these guys. Amazing stuff.

UPDATE – Sorry, the genius PR lady took down the video. Here’s the unwatchable stream of their press conference.

via Reddit