Is There Room In Your Life For The Awesome Prizm Full-Color Graphing Calculator?

Kids these days. Why, when I was taking Calculus, we had to use graph paper, and the pixels on our TI-83s were so big that you couldn’t tell whether you were looking at paraboli or hyperboli! The games were simpler back then, too. Drug War. Race. Janky Asteroids. Now you’ve got a full-color screen and more power than I had in my third computer!

Yeah yeah, time goes on. And Casio is attempting to take the crown from Texas Instruments by putting out this ridiculous beast, the Prizm SMPR. Sure, the 9850 does color, but not like this. You’ll probably be playing Game Boy Advance games on its ~165×165 screen and its 65,536 colors.

Casio has made the colors correspond to different functions or classifications of data, and includes a bunch of pictures with mathematical qualities (naturally-occurring curve functions and such). Not bad, but at $130, I suppose it’s more aimed at the seasoned graphing calculator aficionado than the high school junior. Kids, I tell you, they don’t know how good they have it.