We Want Your Apple TV Video Reviews For A Video Metareview Compilation

The Apple TV has been out for, oh, about a week now and we’re really curious what you think about it. Reviews from the usual technology pundits are good measuring sticks, but they often lack the perspective of the average user. We can attest that “reviews” are often penned from snap judgments just to meet a deadline. This is why the Internet deserves opinions from actual Apple TV owners.

All you need to do is upload your take of the Apple TV to any video sharing site and send us the link. We’ll contact a bunch of you asking for the raw video file that we’ll use in making a comprehensive meta-review. This is probably the best way for you to get 15 seconds of Internet fame while either loving or trashing the new Apple TV. (Yes, trashing is allowed)

Remember, this is your opinion on the Apple TV so be yourself. The video doesn’t have to be long, but it should be a bit more than just a walk-through demo. After all, it’s a review, not a preview. We’re not looking for professional videos so use your iPhone as a camera if you must.


  • Host your video review at YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video sharing site
  • Submit the link to tips@crunchgear.com with the subject of Apple TV Review
  • We’ll request the raw video from a few of you for the metareview. Use Dropbox or other services for this.
  • Videos need to be submitted by Sunday, October 10th for consideration.

Tips and tricks

  • Follow the basic outline of talking about the hardware, software, and then wrap it up
  • Write and use a script
  • Use a tripod or stabilize the camera somehow
  • Show the hardware and user interface
  • Great lighting can compensate for a sub-par camera
  • Please, no background music