You Are Here

Not to rip off Gizmodo too, too much, but I’d like to take this moment to dovetail off a recent post of theirs. This is Saturn. You know, the planet with all the rings of ice and dust. But look closer. You see the outermost ring, the really faint one? Well move one ring inside. Now you’re looking at the second outermost ring. Do you see that small spec of light? Here, I’ll put an arrow to make things easier. Yeah, that’s Earth.

This isn’t a new photo, but seeing that photo of the Pacific Ocean on Giz—you sorta forget just how vast the Pacific is—totally reminded me of this one. It could be my favorite photo ever. Pretty fantastic, no?

And while we’re on the subject, anyone else read that new Stephen Hawking book? Pretty great stuff, obviously. Highly recommended if you have the time to read through it.