CEATEC 2010: Eyes-on With Mitsubishi's Monster Diamond Vision OLED Display

3D TVs that don’t require without glasses, short-focus projectors that work with touch screens and dual touchscreen phones: all these gadgets are currently being showcased at CEATEC 2010 in Japan, and all of these might be cool, but nothing can beat big sized screens. What you see on the picture (and in the video embedded below) is Mitsubishi’s so-called Diamond Vision OLED display.

This monster, which actually went on sale world-wide [PDF] last month, is actually “just” a modular display that’s made up of smaller screens. Each of these modules is 384mm high and wide (thickness: 99m) and weighs 8kg. The upside is that buyers can order it in any size they want. The display has a viewing angle of 80 degrees (horizontal and vertical) and produces images with 1,200 cd/m2.

A 155-inch model will apparently set you back $400,000, but you wouldn’t want to watch TV or movies with it. The picture quality is OK (8.5dpi pixel density), but you can’t expect the same awesome images Sony’s XEL-1 is producing, for instance. The Mitsubishi display is primarily designed to be used for digital signage anyway.

I forgot to ask the Mitsubishi staff at the booth how big the display currently showcased is, but I didn’t forget to take a video: