Comic Book Movie Rumor Round-up: Killer Croc in Batman 3, Spielberg To Direct Halo?

Comic-con starts today (I’ll be there tomorrow~!), so that means we’ll be seeing a bunch of comic book-related movie news coming at us in the next few hours. There’s already a few tasty bits of information out there. Like, will Killer Croc be the primary antagonist in the upcoming Batman movie? (The movie is set to be filmed in and around New Orleans.) Incidentally, Cros was probably my favorite villain in the old Batman cartoon.

What evidence is there to support Killer Croc? Well, beyond the merely superficial—the movie is in New Orleans, and they have gators down there! (Crocodiles aren’t really found around New Orleans)—comic book writer Mark Miller said that the villain is “from [his] favorite childhood runs on the character,” before adding “again, very unexpected.”

Signed, sealed, and delivered: Killer Croc is your new villain.

Moving on from Batman, let’s pay Halo a visit.

Now how’s this for a rumor: apparently Stephen Spielberg (the real Spielberg, and not Señor Spielbergo!) is interested in directing it. Whoa!

Word on the street is that Spielberg’s DreamWorks studio is trying to acquire the movie rights, with both the games and the various novels serving as source material.

It must take a special kind of Halo fan to have read the novels. I mean, I tried to read one of the Mass Effect ones, but I was like, “Man, I could be reading about actual space stuff, let me put this down…”

And there’s one more movie rumor for you this crisp autumn morning, and it involves Wolverine.

Darren Aronofsky, who directed The Wrestler and The Fountain (which I thought was quite good), has apparently been offered Wolverine 2. That is, the studio wants him to direct it. What could be holding that up is that Aronofsky is interested in directing a movie called Gangster Squad.

You can’t direct two movies at the same time, now can you?