Samsung Galaxy Tab Hitting Sprint On November 14th for $399 On Contract?
The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been official for thereabouts 37 years but yet Samsung still hasn’t mentioned a price or release date. It’s getting a little crazy now. Out with it already. Well, it seems Sprint’s pricing might have leaked, which places the tablet at $399 with a 2-year contract and at $599 without. Alright, but how about the other carriers?

Samsung surprised nearly everyone when they announced that the Galaxy Tab was hitting the US’s four major wireless carriers. That’s a major coup for the tablet as it will be available on nearly everyone’s wireless carrier. However none of the carriers have announced any sort of pricing for the Galaxy Tab yet, which makes us wonder how the pricing will go down.

Chances are the Galaxy Tab will be $399/$599 at each carrier. That seems like a solid price point and Samsung probably required the product pricing to be the same across the board to keep things fair. The real difference will probably be in the data plans. There will be no doubt specials and incentives to keep say a Verizon sub from crossing over to Sprint just for their cheaper data. Some sort of add-on plan is likely.

The Samsung Galaxy line is great example of keeping things simple for, you know, us stupid people. The Galaxy cell phone is selling very well and the Tab might have a proportionality similar success. Instead of flooding the market with dozens of variations, the company outed one phone customized for each carrier and ran with it. This keeps manufacturing costs down while maximizing marketing dollars. It’s smart for the company’s bottom line and very consumer friendly. The world doesn’t need 5,000 slightly different Android phones in the same way it doesn’t need 500 Android tablets.