Sony Ericsson's itty-bitty secondary display for Android phones to cost 69 euros?

At the tail-end of September, Sony Ericsson announced a rather peculiar accessory: the LiveView, an itty-bitty (1.3″), new-iPod-Nano-esque secondary display for their Android phones that could be worn as a watch or clipped onto clothes. While Sony Ericsson was happy to show the thing off and share some of the basic spec details, they kept hush on information like the launch date and pricing.

Things like that tend to make their way out one way or another though — and today, it seems they have.

French gadget blog Le Journal du Geek managed to get some hands-on time with the LiveView at an unnamed tradeshow, and walked away with some bonus details in tow: the launch date? Sometime in November. The pricing? €69, which works out to just north or just south of $100 USD depending on the conversion rate.

That seems.. entirely reasonable, actually. I’m not often one to tote accessories around — but at $100 bucks and with some decent integration, I’d rock this thing in a heartbeart.

Check out the LiveView in action on video right here.