Don't Speak English? StarsFeed Translates Celebrity Tweets So You Don't Have To

Fan of Lady Gaga or John Legend but can’t make out what on earth they’re babbling about on Twitter due to your lackluster knowledge of the English tongue? Check out, a new site launched by Finnish startup XIHA.

While it won’t help you understand what 50 Cent tends to tweet (though this just might), it could be a way for you to gather what other celebrities talk about on Twitter.

The site features a directory of celebrities, and when you go to one of their profiles (e.g. Ashton Kutcher), you’ll see his latest tweets and bio in English. Change your language – since it was built using Google’s Translate API, there are about 50 to choose from – and you’ll see a “translate” option that allows you to quickly see them in your native language.

Granted, this is a just a tad gimmicky, and there are plenty of browser add-ons that make this even easier, but for the Finnish startup it is just another way to showcase its multilingual social network, dubbed XIHA Life.