Video: Windows Phone 7 hacked onto the HTC HD2

Immediately after Windows Phone 7 was announced , a little uproar began amongst those who had just recently bought the Windows Mobile 6.5-powered HTC HD2. From a technical standpoint, the HD2 looked like it could handle Windows Phone 7 no problem — but Microsoft said it wasn’t going to happen.

And with that, the hacking efforts began. Some chose to fake their efforts; other, arguably less fake, efforts never came to fruition. Well, there’s some semi-hopeful news for those still hanging on to their HD2s: it looks like someone has legitimately pulled it off.

Early this morning, Developer/hacker extraordinaire Cotulla put up a video of an HD2 booting right into Windows Phone 7. Alas, that’s where it ends; once it boots to the home screen, the video is cut. There’s no sign just yet that things like touch input, sound, or WiFi are working — which, given the early state of the project, is totally understandable. Cotulla has a bit of a history in the ROM hacking world, so the chances that all of this are legit are pretty dang high.

As for when you, the humble HD2 owner, might get your hands on it: Don’t ask. Cotulla’s latest tweet on the matter:

Remember this is just DFT team tests, please never ask about release date and etc. Please don’t annoy with questions…Future will show all.

In other words: Don’t bother him, he’s working.

[Via PocketNow]