BNI Video Raises $16M From Comcast, Time Warner And Others To Help Deliver Video Content

BNI Video, a video control software that allows helps video service providers (VSPs) in the cable, telecommunications and wireless industries manage video delivery, has raised more than $16 million from Cisco, Comcast Interactive Capital, Time Warner Cable, Charles River Ventures and Castile Ventures.

BNI’s software allows operators to extend their video services to incorporate different forms of content from multiple sources. VSPs, like Comcast, Time Warner and others can use BNI’s software for transcoding and digital rights management and more. The software also includes the ability to incorporate search and social networking, on-demand network upgrades, and offers more control over system maintenance and service delivery.

The technology not only promises additional functionality for video service providers but also promises to deliver more flexibility for the consumer viewing the video. The company was founded by Conrad Clemson, a former engineering executive at Motorola, and Raman Sud, the former VP of engineering at Unidesk.