Hands On with the HTC Mozart, Surround, Trophy, HD7

We just got back from a bit of hands-on time with HTC’s brand new Windows Phone 7 powered quartet: the Mozart, the Trophy, the Surround, and the HD7.

Mozart & Trophy:

I’m gonna go ahead and lump these two together, because, well, they’re reaaally similar. At 3.8″, the Trophy’s display is a hair bigger than the 3.7″ screen on the Mozart, but the Mozart’s 8 megapixel camera tops the 5 megapixel shooter on the trophy. Mozart’s got a metal back, while the Trophy’s is plastic — but really, close your eyes, mix up the handsets, and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

HTC’s been cranking out candybar touchscreen handsets like these for some time now, and their pace has only picked up with the Android lines. They’ve got it down to a science at this point. The handsets are perfectly weighted, feel incredible in the hand, and they’re just damned pretty.


The Surround’s flagship and namesake feature is its slideout speaker — and man, is it loud. Even in the fairly noisy hands on room, I was able to hear the demo jam loud and clear. With the speaker tucked away, it’s just another unassuming WP7 handset with a design not unlike that of the Mozart/Trophy.


As I mentioned in our hands-on of it, only two devices come anywhere near the HD7 Pro: the Samsung Focus (AKA Omnia 7 in Europe), and its HD7 Pro’s own keyboard-less sibling, the HD7.

I rarely call a phone beautiful. In fact, I can’t remember ever saying a phone is beautiful, outside of the iPhone 4.

The HD7 is beautiful. It’s refined from every angle, with every last centimeter of the body complimenting those around it. It looks like a phone that any self-respecting geek can carry in 2010 with pride.

Plus, 10 out of 10 bloggers sitting in my immediate area agree: the kickstand on this thing (especially the subtle “Tink!” sound it makes when you fold it in and out) is awesome.