Meet the PogoPlug Pro

Since it’s launch, the PogoPlug has been an interesting little NAS device. The PogoPlug software has been continually updated with new features. There’s a vibrant developer community. And, most interestingly to me, the PogoPlug does not try to hide the fact that it runs Linux; indeed, they even tell you how to SSH into the thing! The recently released business-oriented PogoPlug Biz offered PogoPlug functionality to business users with new sharing controls, multiple users, and usage statistics. And today the PogoPlug Pro is unveiled. This version sports a black case and features built-in wireless networking. At $99, this gadget packs a lot of bang for the buck.

The new PogoPlug Pro should be available on the PogoPlug website, as well as in Best Buy stores.

The Clound Engines philosophy is “make a product simple, open, and affordable and the community will make it better.” If you ask me, Cloud Engines gets it with the PogoPlug, and gives their users what they want.