Palm Pre 2 details leak

I bet you’re getting sick of hearing about WinPho7, yeah? Longing for some news on some other mobile OS? Palm, maybe? How about some news on the Palm Pre 2?

Well, French carrier SFR, has leaked to the world the first hard details on the Palm Pre 2.

Sporting Web OS 2 (more on that in a moment), and a slightly updated look, the next Pre will come with a flatter screen, a 1GHz processor, and 512MB RAM.

PreCentral have been doing some digging, and have also deduced that the problematic MicroUSB door has been removed, and the edges are now a matte finish, leading them to believe that the crack-prone plastic has been replaced for something stronger.

And what updates will WebOS 2 bring? Well, details are light, but the site over at SFR mentions an updated interface, “push” functionality (specifically for Facebook — but we’re all hoping for system-wide push notifications), and a faster boot time.

There are also a few references to improved battery life, search, contact management, an update to the catalog, and an overlay view to help with multitasking (check the screenshot, below).

Sadly, there are no details on price or release date… but you can feel safe in the knowledge that we’ll keep you posted as they surface.

[via Unwired View]