Report: Toshiba To Launch Naked-Eye 3D Laptops Next Year

We can’t say we’re surprised: after unveiling the world’s first glasses-free 3D TVs last week, Japanese business daily The Nikkei recently reported that Toshiba is currently readying naked-eye 3D PCs. While the TVs will be released in Japan as early as December, big T is planning to launch the PCs, which will be marketed under the dynabook brand, sometime next year.

The PCs will be the first of their kind made by one of Japan’s big computer makers. 3D models from other companies, such as NEC or Fujitsu, require glasses. Toshiba is using the same proprietary integral imaging technology that enables 3D images to be viewed from multiple angles as in its naked-eye 3D TVs.

What’s interesting is that the 3D laptops will let users pick and choose specific parts of the screen to be displayed in 3D while other portions of the LCD can continue in 2D (see below).

Apparently, Toshiba plans to commercialize a 12-inch version first, followed by bigger sizes later.

Via IT Media [JP]