AT&T Pixi Plus finally gets WebOS 1.4.5

The jump from webOS 1.4.1 to version 1.4.5 really wasn’t all that big (it fixes a few minor bugs and adds support for games written in C/C++) — but give a bunch of people something but exclude others, and the excluded are gonna get pretty mad, pretty fast.

Such is the case for AT&T Pixi Plus owners. While others have been running 1.4.5 since as early as July, AT&T’s update for the Pixi Plus just never seemed to come. Until today!

We’ve been seeing reports left and right from Pixi Plus owners that 1.4.5 has gone live, with nary an issue amongst them. Alas, there’s nothing in terms of an explanation for the delays — but hey, better late than never, right? Right? Guys?