Twitter's @OnTheRoad Video Is Way Cooler Than You

Yesterday we wrote about Twitter’s @OnTheRoad, a project where Twitter Design Researcher Mark Trammell will travel across North America to discover “how people use Twitter.”

Today Twitter VP of Communications Sean Garrett tweeted out this video, directed by Trammell and Bolt Peter’s Nate Bolt, somehow connected to the project even though it’s really hard to tell at first, especially if you’re watching the exceptionally precious video without an advanced degree in Post-Structuralist Art Theory.

Okay so the truck kind of gives it away, you say. Also the dog wagging its tail in the beginning, that’s what tipped you off.

My point? Somebody, anybody please start a LookAtThisFuckingTwitterHipster (or “Twipster” if you will …) Tumblr. I’ve got your first post, right here.

You can follow OnTheRoad on Twitter at @OnTheRoad. Video stills, below.