Boost Mobile makes "Shrinkage" a good thing, cuts bills for punctual people

You’re a good person. You volunteer at soup kitchens, you open doors for others — but most importantly, you pay your bills on time. But why? Does anyone ever thank you for sending them a big ol’ wad of cash without making them wait?

In a move that we very much hope starts some sort of trend, Boost Mobile has announced that they’re going to start giving big ol’ discounts to folks who get their bills in on time through their “Monthly Unlimited with Shrinkage” plan.

Here’s how it works: if you’re on one of Boost’s unlimited plans, they’ll cut $5 off your bill after every 6 month stretch wherein you pay punctually. On their $50 unlimited plan? After 6 months of on-time payments, they’ll knock it down to $45. Another 6 months later, it’ll go down to $40. At 18 months, they’ll knock it down to $35. The discounts stop piling up after 18 months — but considering that that’s a discount of 30% just for doing what you’re supposed to, I don’t think anyone’s going to complain.

New customers will be signed up automatically. Already a Boost customer? Make sure to call up Boost customer service and opt-in.

(And because we were wondering too: if you’re late one payment, you won’t lose the discounts you’ve already racked up. Not bad, Boost. Not bad at all.)