GE Acquires Smart Grid, Specialty Software Designers, Opal Software

General Electric (GE) — one of the world’s largest, corporate cleantech investors and acquirers of cleantech companies — today announced its acquisition of Opal Software, which designs software and provides engineering services that help electricity, gas and water utilities run their operations and networks faster, and more productively.

Opal’s specialty is in data migration and SCADA simulation. The company’s data migration capabilities can switch quickly between multiple platforms, and integrate GE software into non-GE systems to provide greater flexibility and more options for the juggernaut’s utility customers.

In a press statement, Bill Tarlinton, chief executive of Opal Software said: “[The acquisition] formalizes an already strong relationship. We are proud to be a part of GE Energy.” The Australia-based Opal Software team is expected to improve GE’s Digital Energy business in the Asia-Pacific region by providing increased local workforce and technology.

“Opal Software’s products and project management services are integral to the delivery of GE Energy projects,” said Matt McKenzie, general manager, Asia region for GE’s Digital Energy business, “[They] will help secure GE as a smart grid technology leader and meet the needs of the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region.”