GetGlue Hits 10 Million Monthly Ratings; Adds Coupons For Check-Ins

GetGlue, a social browsing assistant that shows ratings and recommendations of movies, books, restaurants, stocks, and more on the web, has officially hit 10 million monthly check-ins and ratings in September, up from an average monthly rate of 5 million ratings and check-ins in previous months.

GetGlue allows users can to check-in to their favorite shows, music, movies and books, and see what their friends are enjoying in real-time. With each check-in, users earn points and stickers from GetGlue and other major brands. The app also allows users to rate their favorite shows, movies, music and books and receive personalized suggestions. You can also share check-ins with your Twitter and Facebook friends, rate lists of popular shows, movies, music and books, receive weekly new releases and customized recommendations, and access existing reviews, clips and ratings for 20 million movies, books and albums.

Via GetGlue’s partnership with HBO, the startup is now offering discounts to users who check-in to the network’s show True Blood. GetGlue will offer a 10% discount to HBO’s online store for all users, 15% discount for Fans with the Truebies badge, 20% discount for Superfans with the Makers badge and a $50 gift card for Guru. Fans can use the discounts to purchase any True Blood memorabilia, swag and DVDs in the HBO online store.

The idea of rewarding users for check-ins isn’t new. Foursquare has partnered with brands and local merchants to offer incentives for check-ins. And I’m not sure how much sales HBO drives from its online store (honestly, I don’t know anyone who has bought an item from the store). But clearly GetGlue is growing. Personally, I’d love to see an Amazon or iTunes discount after I check-in to a book, movie or show on GetGlue.