Video: Turkish Iron Man SURALP

Turkey isn’t really the first country that springs to mind when it comes to robotics, but a research team at the Sabanci University in Istanbul has succeeded in developing what appears to be Turkey’s first humanoid. The so-called SURALP was in the making for eight years, and the university has spent $1 million to get it to its current form.

The robot just made its first public appearance at a press conference in Turkey where he performed a dance and answered several questions asked by humans with “yes” and “no”. SURALP (Sabancı University Robot Research Laboratory Platform) stands 164cm tall, weighs a whopping 114kg, and boasts 29 joints (12 in his legs, another 12 in his arms, 2 in his neck and one in the torso).

Here’s a video of SURALP (slowly) walking up an inclined plane. Robotics still has a long way to come up with a movie-level Iron Man, but it’s a first step:

Via Plastic Pals