Visibli Gives Brands And Companies A Way To Personalize Links

When brands or companies sends out a link on Facebook or Twitter to an outside site, they face one major pain point. How do they then send traffic to their own sites from another site and personalize the link? Visibli is launching a new tool today to help brands and companies keep readers engaged even while reading content on other sites.

Called the Engagement Bar, the StumbleUpon-like technology will include a bar on the top of any web page that allows brands to link to their own sites, videos, images and more. So when you link to a page, your customized Engagement Bar will appear at the top your linked page. Engagement Bars can incorporate a number of different types of content, including social widgets, online videos, links to Amazon, iTunes or Etsy stores.

Visibli says that brands can also use the Engagement Bar to encourage fans to engage with the links and content in the bar in exchange for points and rewards. Of course, the Engagement Bar can be used by anyone for free. In fact, during the closed beta, bloggers reported retention rates averaging 12% higher for the number of visitors who returned to their blog via the Engagement Bar after clicking on links to outside content.

Visibli says that this is a way for web publishers and users alike to get the most out of the links they choose to share. It does seem to solve a problem for brands and companies who want to add a presence to any links they send outside of their network. Visibli, which has raised funding from Extreme Venture Partners, faces competition from StumbleUpon. The company is already working with a number of companies and brands, including sports agency Octagon Digital.