Uh Oh: September Wii Sales Down 45% From Last Year

Sales for the Wii last month totaled just 245,000, just over half of the 462,000 sold in September of 2009. Could it be that Nintendo’s juggernaut has finally lost its steam?

Sales were blamed on “gamer fatigue,” whatever that is, and a lack of compelling high-end titles. We noted earlier today how last month was a bad one for game sales all around, but still, that’s a pretty major drop.

Let’s be honest, here: the Wii isn’t just underpowered and old, it has also failed to provide really compelling gameplay over the last year. Sure, there are some bright spots here and there, but Microsoft is planning to scoop up casual gamers with Kinect and Sony’s Move might be good enough for the hardcore. What’s left for Nintendo? Old folks’ homes?

The 3DS is going to be great, but the Wii needs to be replaced, and fast. Nintendo has been resting on its laurels for far too long, and these sales numbers might be the kick in the pants they need to realize it.

[via 1up]