11.6" MacBook Air Rumors Intensify Following Leaked Pic

When we heard that the MacBook Air was in short supply, our thoughts immediately went to rumors of an 11.6″ version we heard some months back. New information seemed promising — and then over the weekend, leaked pics surfaced that seemed to show Air hardware similar in size to the existing model. Hopes! Dashed!

But even newer information suggests that yes, in fact, the original rumors were true. Or maybe that there’s one that’s even smaller. Or are they all true?

Apple speculation is a dangerous and uncertain science, like demolishing a building. I personally think that both a 13″ and 11″ MacBook Air would be pushing it. They want distinct capabilities and branding at every size, and I think the Air is destined to give up the larger form factor to the MacBook.

MacRumors’ analysis, using the size of the USB port as a ruler, actually puts it at 10.1″. But the picture was just a prototype! Man, I don’t know. Too many ins and outs in this one; I’ll just wait until tomorrow. Nothing wrong with that.