Favorious tries to organise your Twitter favourites into something more useful

Favorious is an interesting new web app which tries to make more of your twitter favourites than you might previously have thought possible. Twitter itself has famously done little with Favourites so it’s been left to third party developers like Favstar and more recently Tumbl.in.

Favstar.fm shows a recent leaderboard that can be set to show tweets of only a certain level (10 favorites, for example). If you sign in via Twitter OAuth, you get a whole range of functionality, including the ability to follow people from Favstar.fm and see what tweets your friends are favoriting.

Tumbl.in is more a like a StumbleUpon for Twitter, allowing you to “stumble across” links shared in your Twitter timeline, your Twitter favorites and your Twitter lists.

Favstar wants to be the all encompassing Twitter favorites destination, but now so does Favorious, which is attempting to promote discovery, and allow users to organise and filter content based on Twitter Favorites. You can tag tag favourites, sort them, filter them by popularity.

So far it’s indexed more than 90m Twitter favorites and 4m users and is now open to public consumption.

Favorious was founded and built by Georgios Kaperonis (@georgioskap) who’s day-job is at Channel 4.