Mad Catz To Develop FightPads, FightSticks For WWE All Stars Video Game

Coming soon to your living room: WWE-branded Mad Catz accessories, specifically “FightStick(s)” and “FightPad(s)”. They’re being developed for the upcoming THQ video game WWE All Stars, the game that Dusty Rhodes (yes, the Dusty Rhodes) told me at E3 he was excited to be in. And then he told me to take a hike. Great day.

The accessories will be available for the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360, and will include the “the names, likenesses and pictorial representations of the WWE talent.”

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the new accessories, which is a shame.

WWE All Stars comes out early next year, and is THQ’s attempt to squeeze every last drop out of that sweet, sweet WWE license. It’s the game where every wrestler WWE Superstar looks like he’s on the gas.

That said, it could be a fun, arcadey romp. If you want “depth” in your wrestling game you’re always free to fire up WWF No Mercy, or its Japanese counterpart Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 on your friendly neighborhood N64 emulator.