Stream UK levels with the Enterprise

Stream UK, which provides streaming services for the likes of GMG Radio (Real Radio, Smooth Radio and Rock Radio) and BBC World service, has turned its attention to the Enterprise market.

Specifically, the Camden, London-based company is partnering with CDN provider Level 3 Communications to offer a joint live-streaming solution for enterprise customers using Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming. In particular, video streaming in a way that gets around the common problem of reliably getting through corporate firewalls and managing network strain.

For those who are technically inclined, HTTP Dynamic Streaming is a “protocol for on-demand and live adaptive bit rate video streaming over regular HTTP connections”, hence the bypassing of firewall problems, and is supported by Adobe’s Flash platform.

Whatever the technology, Stream UK seem pretty chuffed at being able to offer this to their customers. “We believe that this is the protocol of the future,” chimes in Stream UK’s CEO Duncan Burbidge.

“Our solution with Level 3 is ideal for corporate viewers, mobile viewers, viewers on variable connections and for those paying bandwidth costs. I can honestly say it’s the single most important advance we have made in the last decade.”

Who said the Enterprise was boring.