Yet Another Chinese iPad Clone (But This One's Only $130)

Here’s another China-produced iPad knockoff for your growing “iPad Knockoffs” sticker collection. It doesn’t have a name or anything fancy like that, but it does have a price: approximately $130.

This here photograph shows what a good job the manufacturer has done in replicating the iPad’s look. If I didn’t know any better—and who’s to say, really?—I’d say that’s the spitting image of an iPad.

But it’s not running Apple’s iOS. No sir! No, it’s running Android 1.5, which might as well be GEOS at this point.

The screen is more or less the same: a 9.7-inch resistive touchscreen.

Other stats: 400MHz CPU, 2GB of built-in storage, and 256MB of memory. There’s also a dock connector for good measure.

It’s not available yet. But unless you’re planing a big Shenzhen vacation this is probably the last you’ll hear of it.