AMD Radeon 6000 Series Specs Trickle Out

I’m reasonably certain the first reviews of the new AMD Radeons will hit the Net on Friday, so until then we’ll have to make due with leaked slides and the like. It’s both an exciting and depressing time: excited to see what AMD has in store, but depressed to know that my once high flying 5970 is now old news.

From the looks of it, the current 5830 and 5850 will be replaced by the 6800 series, while the higher end 5870 and 5970 will be replaced by the 6900 series.

AMD compares the Radeon 6870 to the Nvidia GTC 460, to give you an idea of how the red team views the green team.

One slide is frightening: look how many generations behind the Xbox 360 is. At a certain point you have to ask yourself what’s the point of these incredibly powerful GPUs if so many of the games appearing on PC are Xbox 360 ports?