Hackers give the T-Mobile G2 a monstrous speed boost

Though on paper it might not seem like the fastest phone around, the T-Mobile G2’s 800 Mhz CPU is actually pretty friggin’ speedy. Of course, that hasn’t kept the hacking community from trying to get things moving even faster — and they’ve done it. Oh, have they done it.

With a bit of voodoo, sorcery, and good ol’ fashion elbow grease, handset hacker coolbho3k has managed to overclock his handset from the stock 800 Mhz all the way up to 1.3 ghz. While it was a wee bit shaky at first (Google Earth was a big ol’ crash party, for example) he later found that bumping up the juice flowing to the CPU by just 0.1V seemed to stabilize things. In fact, it stabilizes it so well that it should actually be possible to crank things all the way up to 1.4 Ghz. Either way, those are some pretty massive speed boosts.

He’s keeping it under wraps for now, in hopes of giving it some last minute polish before releasing it to the hack-hungry Android community. Alas, the G2’s anti-tamper mechanism still hasn’t been fully cracked — as such, the speed boosts go out the window once the handset gets reset.

[Via Android Central]