Inflatable Photo Studio Sets Up In Minutes, Is a Firetrap

Our buddy Charlie found this great Inflatable Photo Studio designed for photographers who want to, for some reason, have a controlled environment outside. It’s basically one of those big bouncy castles without the bouncy part. Before you get too excited, however, remember this thing could kill you. From the fine print:

It is not recommended that you smoke, cook or have any open flames in the studio. Also lights can become very hot and melt the studio. Do not rest lighting or position it against the sides. Curling irons, hair driers [sic] irons, and steamers can also melt the plastic causing rapid deflation or possible fire.

Fair enough. We won’t use lights. But what if the air escapes rapidly? CERTAIN DEATH!

DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE INSIDE WHILE DEFLATING! It is recommended that in the event there is a power failure that you crawl on your hands and knees to the nearest exit. In the event of a rapid deflation is is best to NOT PANIC, keep your arms up at an angle in front of you.

The studio starts at $300 without the fan and maxes out at 20 x 12 x 12 feet. The price is right for something like this, even if the website copy is a little wild. The website itself is all Flash but check out the video including the be-capri-panted model.