Sony Rolls Out SD Cards And A Reader

I usually don’t blog about the many, many memory cards that come out of Japan on a weekly basis, but things are a little different when Sony seems to be determined to continue embracing SD cards. Today, the company announced [JP] both, an SDXC card-compatible reader, the MRW-F3, and a whole series of SD cards.

The reader (pictured above) can be connected via USB 2.0 and is compatible to SDXC cards as well as Sony’s memory sticks. It will hit Japanese stores on November 10 for $18.

On the same day, Sony will start selling a total of six SD/SDHC cards. There will be three class 4 cards (2GB for $14, 4GB/$21, and 8GB/$49) and three class 10 models (8GB/$74, 16GB/$150, and 32GB/$283).

Sony hasn’t said anything yet regarding international availability.