Verizon to launch plethora of phones Nov 11, including the Pre 2

Whether you’re excited about the upcoming Pre 2, or an Android fan at heart, November 11 is a day you should mark on your calendar. Why? Well, that’s the day slated for Verizon’s release of the Pre 2, the Moto DROID 2 Global, DROID Pro, and CITRUS.

The rumour comes courtesy of Droid Life, and they say that their sources are usually correct, but you might want to just pencil this one in until details start to trickle from official sources.

But that’s not all! Earlier rumours have also pinned the HTC Lexicon’s release date at November 11. If true, November 11 could be some kind of crazy technomajikal day of big red wonders.

[image via BGR]