Starbucks Digital Network: Free, Exclusive In-Store Content Courtesy of Yahoo, iTunes & More

Yeah, today is Apple Day, but we still have a few hours till the big announcements. How to fill the time? Let’s start with this bit of news: Starbucks has launched something called the Starbucks Digital Network. It’s a collaboration with Yahoo, and it will “[serve] up a collection of hand-picked premium news, entertainment and lifestyle content along with local insights and events.”

You can access the SDN whenever you’re connected to a Starbucks Wi-Fi connection (remember: Wi-Fi is free), and it’s been designed to work well on both mobiles phones and laptops. It’s not a laptop service squeezed into your iPhone.

Starbucks hooked up with a bunch of different content providers, such as iTunes, the New York Times, the Weather Channel, and Foursquare, to bring you news from “their neighborhoods and around the globe.”

More likely, you’ll be in line waiting for a Pumpkin Spice Latte reading Dave Meltzer’s latest Yahoo column.

So, it’s probably not something that’s going to change your life, but I can definitely see myself saying, while in the store, “Oh, wait, don’t they have that Wi-Fi thing now? Let me see…”

Which is probably all they could ask for.