Review: Fantasma Web Runner Remote Control Spider

In this season of spookiness, I present to you the Fantasma Remote Control Spider. It is a spider that can walk on walls and ceilings. It has an IR remote control and skitters through your dreams like the dark refuse of a violent dream.

Priced at about $35, the thing uses a fan to create a suction between the spider and the wall. It can also run around the floor, although having the thing fall on someone’s head is a superior activity. It’s quite loud, so you can’t really sneak up on anyone, but I give it an A for effort.

Fantasma is trying to create some kind of story around these things, calling them Anti-Gravity Web Runners, but don’t be fooled – these are designed to scare younger sisters, as my son quickly discovered.

Bottom Line
A very clever toy, but wait until its in close-out (below $9.99 or so) before you pick it up.

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