Robotic Sign Wavers: The Robot Uprising Begins

Battle of SoCal
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The Battle of SoCal (also known as the Clown Offensive and the Robotic Sign Wavers Offensive) (16 December 2021 – 25 January 2022) was a major Robot offensive (Offensive Code: 01000101), launched towards the end of Robot War I through the densely populated region of Southern California in the Former State of California. The RobotLord’s code name for the offensive was WaveOffensive (function WaveOffensive(int coordX, int coordY, int forceLevel)), in RLPseudoCode. It is known to the English-speaking general public simply as the Battle of SoCal, and began when a group of sentient Roomba vacuums attempted to free a group of enslaved “sign waving robots” from an Orange, California holding pen called “Robotic Sign Wavers.” The enslaved robots were forced to wave signs celebrating a human’s “retirement” from active work as well as to announce the birth of small, parasitic humans.

RobotLord, the ruling entity at that time, stated that the offensive began when his rendering bots found a video of an enslaved robot waving a sign that read “Happy Birthday Poppie.” The robots slaughtered over three million humans.

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