Will Legalizing Pot Solve Every Problem that Ails California? No, but Cute Viral Video

It’s not surprising how much San Francisco Web companies are in the middle of this Proposition 19 debate. Prop 19 would legalize, regulate and tax marijuana in California, and advocates hope if it passes the trend would spread nationally.

It’s a cause straight to the heart of the increasingly libertarian streak of Silicon Valley. But beyond that, you’ve got companies like WeedMaps hoping this is the next billion dollar market — not only for the farmers and the dispensaries but for Web and mobile apps. A rare– forgive the pun– greenfield opportunity in our over-developed world.

And while everyone is trying to use the Web to push their issues this election season, when the tech community is behind an issue, they just do it better. (See: Obama) It’s similar to the steller “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” spoof PSAs from the “No on Proposition 8” campaign last year.

Witness this adorable video for Prop 19 below, much more compelling than Paul Carr’s favorite “MEG MEG MEG!” video, which somehow makes me just feel sorry for her. As discussed earlier this week, there’s no sure-fire way to make a successful viral video. But making something this awesomely cute is a good bet. Of course, winning at the polls is another matter. [Video Below]