Is This The Next-Gen Barnes & Noble Nook?

The story goes that a tipster sent David Carnoy at CNET a link to a product page for a Nook screen protector. The only thing is, said screen protector wasn’t for the current generation Nook. Nope, it was for an unannounced model. This alone would be strange, but there was a rumor last week that stated a new Nook was coming real soon, which makes this leak seem so much more real.

If you follow the rabbit down the rumor mill hole, then you’ll find that the Nook v2 will be powered by Android, sport a color screen and cost $250. The good folk over at B&N are even said to show off this new model as soon as this week. But this is all speculation at this point based off of one pic that could seriously be just a rendering by one overzealous company hawking screen protectors.