Free "Smartphone Coaster" Inside This Post!

Are you tired of tilting your head to read your phone? Does your grip fail you during the fourth or fifth episode of a Battlestar Galactica marathon? Do you like things made out of metal?

My friend. Special deal for you. In exchange for click, I give you metal smartphone coaster.

Here’s what happens! The first 20 people to send their address (actual mailing address, you understand) to with “COASTER TO COASTER” in the subject line will find themselves the owners of a brand new piece of metal that holds a phone upright! They’re stainless steel and probably hold just about any slate-like phone out there. So no StarTACs!

We’ll update this post when supplies are exhausted. Later, nerds!

And we’re done! I think. I need to count again. We’ll be emailing people back in the morning (I can’t right now) so you may just have to be in suspense until then. Think of it as a free thrill, courtesy of CrunchGear!