Homemade DSLR Brings Us Back To The Good Old Days Of Photography

If you’re a crafty fellow, like to work in the shop and all that, you’re probably always looking for a new challenge. Birdhouses and spice racks aren’t doing it for you any more. You need something that will really push the limits of your crafting ability. How about a single-lens reflex camera? This guy sure managed to do a good job of it.

Denis decided to put together this a full-function SLR, complete with speed selection, viewfinder, timer, and roll film compatibility. Not really something for a Sunday afternoon, I think — but the results speak for themselves.

How amazing is that? It makes me feel very self-conscious about my DSLR. Not only that I didn’t make it, but that it’s a kind of anonymous black piece of electronics, with all the machinery so cleverly hidden that you never get that “oh my god, it takes pictures” feeling you get from older cameras. I could have done without the brush script “DM-Flex,” though.

Can’t wait to see what this talented guy comes up with next.

[via Metafilter]