How To Buy A Sofa At A Hardware Store

This is great. Designer Christopher Stuart decided to put together a decent sofa using only materials you’d find at a local hardware store — I’m pretty impressed how well it turned out. I don’t imagine the pieces all told set him back more than $75. Sure, you could get a couch of Craigslist for free, but we all know why free couches are free. Better to make your own.

The “Hopeless Diamond” is basically a frame of copper piping joined with standard elbow and T joints, with some paneling for support and packing blankets for cushioning — all held together with zip ties. I sincerely doubt it’s that comfortable, but it looks light as a feather and you can store it very easily. I’m tempted to put together a bookcase this way, though I’ll probably skip the zip ties.

[via NotCot]