HTC Knight to launch as "Speedy" on Sprint, Jan 6th

Over the weekend, those ever-dilligent people over at XDA managed to source this image of an upcoming, Android-powered 3.7″ HTC Knight (you probably don’t need me to tell you that I added the mouse).

Very Little details are known right now, but further documents found with the image suggest that it has a sliding keyboard.

Then, today, BGR was informed that the device will be renamed “Speedy” before it launches.

BGR also landed a photo of a Sprint Nextel accessory sheet (shown below) that lists the availability of a case for the HTC Knight/Speedy as January 6th.

Now, of course this doesn’t guarantee that the phone itself will be available then, but nobody buys a case without a phone.

January 6 is the day the CES starts, however, and BGR believe that this makes the claim a little more likely.