LG + LTE + VZW = big, shiny Android phone

A vision of the future has shown itself today, with Engadget landing their mitts on a shot of an upcoming high-end LG Android phone bound for Verizon.

The biggest news, however, is that the phone appears to sport an LTE logo on the back, making it the first sighting of a Verizon 4G device.

There are few details available right now, but the other logos on the back seem to confirm that the phone will have a) an HD camera (720p? 1080p?) b) DLNA compatibility, and c) WiFi.

You can also see what appears to be a front-facing camera next to the Verizon logo above the display.

…and that’s all we have. It appears from the pic that this will be a big phone — maybe even as big as the EVO 4G — but with no scale reference in the picture, you can easily dismiss that thought as wishful thinking.

We’ll keep you posted as any more details arrive.